That's what is happening to Halo right now.

I've never been a huge Call of Duty player in my time playing video games. I played Modern Warfare on the PC back in the day and didn't touch Call of Duty until Ghosts came out and I had a new Xbox One that had a major lack of titles to play. I got Advanced Warfare after that, which came out (I believe) right after the Halo 5 beta. My only thought was:

The movement is just like Halo 5!

Which was partially true. There were boosters and it was a lot faster than Halo 3 which I was playing on The Master Chief Collection. But after a few weeks, I was back to playing Halo 3. When Halo 5 came out, it was all I played for a solid year and a half. I bought Black Ops III and played it for two hours. I bought Infinite Warfare and ranked up to level 30 or so but have mostly played Modern Warfare: Remastered. Even then, Halo 5 never left my Xbox and I would always go back.

But now I'm not so sure.

Halo 5 is bleeding players. Not only has 343 not listened to a lot of user requests causing end users to switch from Halo to other major eSports titles, the pro users are seeing this and planning on switching to Call of Duty when WWII is released. It took them over a year to remove automatic weapons from competitive play which makes absolutely no sense.

I'm not abandoning Halo entirely. I love Halo a lot, but haven't played it in a few weeks. I'll be picking up a copy of WWII upon release and putting some time into it.