Hello everyone, my name is TJ Barber. I've been pressing buttons and making things happen on screens since I was a very little kid when my dad introduced me to the ever amazing wonder that was the Sega Genesis.

It was in my early teenage years that I discovered Apple computers after having used both an older Windows 98 machine and later on a Windows XP laptop that was at least an inch thick. Trying to emulate a G4 Macintosh using PearPC was ridiculously slow on an Intel Celeron M processor, but it let me get a small taste of what it was like to run OS X Jaguar. I was hooked.

My first Mac was a hand-me-down iMac G3 running MacOS 8.6 which I was able to install OS X Jaguar on (with a paltry 96MB of RAM!).

Fast-forward to today, I live in Colorado Springs, CO with my lovely wife (who is a designer and photographer) and our dog. My days are filled with writing code in Swift on anything that has an Apple logo on it (excluding my Xbox One and insulated water bottle).